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Optimize Your Cybersecurity Strategy with Our Expert Consultancy Services

Secure Your Digital Transformation!

Our skilled security experts leverage over two decades of experience to help you establish cyber resilience and protect your business from potential risks.

Zero Trust: Never trust, always verify

SEECRA offers customized solutions to implement the Zero Trust model, leveraging modern technologies to manage threats and safeguard your organization

Governance Risk and Compliance

Navigate Regulatory Compliance with Confidence. SEECRA offers GRC expertise to help you understand your risk exposure and make sustainable security investments.

Cloud Security

We helps you leverage security frameworks, data protection, and infrastructure to ensure success at every stage of your cloud journey

Transform with Confidence

Our world-class cybersecurity consultancy services provide the expertise and solutions you need to navigate the complex threat landscape.

With our support, you can confidently pursue your digital transformation goals and safeguard your organization’s valuable assets.

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Cybersecurity Consulting for a Resilient Future

SEECRA’s services and solutions help you stay ahead of evolving threats by adopting a proactive approach to cybersecurity.

Risk Management

SEECRA helps you identify and manage business risks, ensuring compliance with sector-specific regulations for data security and governance, fostering long-term decision-making, and removing uncertainty

Security by Design

We help you achieve more secure software products and architectures with automated security testing, SSDLC, SecDevOps, and Red Teams to ensure privacy and security from the start

Secure Workplace

Our services help you identify and prevent common attack vectors such as initial access, persistence, lateral movement, escalation of privileges, and data extraction, ensuring comprehensive security


Service Overview

We tailor our services and solutions to meet the specific needs of each client, using proactive approaches to cyber threats and the latest cutting-edge technologies to ensure comprehensive security.

SEECRA's Portfolio of Governance, Risk & Compliance services includes Information Security assessments, implementation of ISMS, conducting audits and assessments, and Risk Management services such as risk assessment and implementation of risk identification and treatment methodology. The Business Continuity Management services involve management briefing, audits and reviews, and advice on implementing BCM, Business Impact analysis and risk analysis. SEECRA's Data Protection services provide support for responsible roles in daily business operations, implementation of legal requirements, conducting compliance checks, and awareness training. Lastly, SEECRA offers Compliance services including assessments, audits, readiness checks, implementation of measures, support for responsible roles, and alignment of compliance organization with international standards.

  • SOC Consulting: We help clients establish and improve their Security Operations Centers (SOCs) by providing guidance on security architecture, staffing, and operations.
  • LOG Management and SIEM: We offer LOG Management and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) services to monitor and analyze organizations' systems for potential threats. This includes collecting, storing, and analyzing security logs from across the network.
  • Vulnerability Management: We conduct vulnerability management to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in clients' systems. Our services include scanning systems for known vulnerabilities and recommending remediation steps.
  • Incident Response and Forensics: We provide incident response and forensics services to help organizations minimize damage in the event of a security breach. This includes responding to incidents, conducting investigations, and recovering data.
  • Configuration Management: We offer configuration management to help clients maintain their systems' security posture. This includes tracking changes to systems and ensuring that they are configured securely.
  • Layered security design: We help clients design security solutions that employ multiple layers of protection to secure their systems and data.
  • Micro-segmentation: We help clients implement micro-segmentation to improve their network security by dividing their network into smaller, isolated segments and applying specific security controls to each segment.
  • Zero Trust Network: We help clients implement a zero-trust network architecture to enhance their security posture by assuming that all network traffic is untrusted and implementing strict access controls.
  • Security orchestration & automation: We help clients automate and orchestrate their security processes to improve their security posture, reduce response times to security incidents, and increase operational efficiency.
  • Malware Protection:
  • Intrusion Prevention:
  • Zero Day and APT Protections: We use advanced threat detection technologies to protect against zero-day attacks and advanced persistent threats (APTs).
  • DDOS Protection
  • Threat Intelligence: We provide access to the latest threat intelligence to help you stay ahead of emerging threats and protect your organization from targeted attacks.

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