Cybersecurity Training & Testing Lab OT/IT

Revolutionizing OT/IT Training and Testing capability with a Unique Patented Platform

Is your personnel ready to face the challenge?

Stay ahead of evolving cyber threats and reduce the impact of attacks with CyberForce – the ultimate platform for proactive cyber defense.

Simulated Production Line

Experience real-life cyber attack scenarios with CyberForce's advanced simulation capabilities. With full protocol simulation, L2 traffic monitoring, and the ability to construct an IT/OT environment matching your real-life network.

Realistic Attack

Real-world cyber-attack scenarios with a dedicated server and interactive HMI screen allowing operators to change process parameters and interact with PLC logic for an authentic simulation.

Security Testing and Training

Experience a fully-functional OT environment simulation featuring a Scada server, engineering station, and simulated PLCs for realistic attack and equipment testing scenarios from the operator's viewpoint.

Why us?

With our long experience in training methodologies and global training facilities, our experts have developed a dedicated training environment to help your organization quickly develop the needed cyber skills for your employees.

Our training environment is designed to be immersive and hands-on, allowing your employees to gain real-world experience in a safe and controlled environment.

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Develop Your Employees' ICS/OT/IT Cyber Skills

Our state-of-the-art cybersecurity ICS/OT/IT security training and testing lab offers a safe and controlled environment to develop the necessary cyber skills for your employees and protect your critical infrastructure from cyber threats.

SEECRA’s experienced trainers provide continuous support and training to ensure that your employees stay up-to-date with the latest cybersecurity trends and technologies, making your organization better prepared for potential cyber-attacks.

Industrial Simulation

Our platform includes kinetic and virtual systems, network elements, and protocol generators for accurate testing, offering a holistic approach to ICS/OT cybersecurity.

Security Testing & Evaluation

We offer automated and manual testing options that provide accurate and real-time results for evaluating industrial environments and equipment reliability and security.

Accurate, Consistent, Reliable

Ensures accurate and consistent results by monitoring, logging, and documenting testing activities. Evaluates participants' awareness, familiarity with tools, the focus of actions, interaction level, and reaction time for improved skill development.


Platform Overview

Transform Your Industrial Cybersecurity with SEECRA’s Comprehensive Training and Testing Lab Solutions.

We offer a comprehensive platform for testing, evaluating, and training in a simulated industrial environment, equipped with the latest technologies to defend against cyber attacks and safeguard critical infrastructure proactively.

Our lab provides a comprehensive environment for simulating real-world scenarios that involve kinetic systems and virtual environments. With our dedicated network and communication elements, including industrial protocols protocol generators, you can test and evaluate industrial equipment with minimal effects and maximum accuracy.

Our industrial testing lab offers automated and manual testing options for measuring and testing equipment. We use dedicated networks to minimize the effects on the tested subjects, and our GWs, interfaces, and converters provide accurate and real-time results. Our flexible testing domain can be adjusted to meet specific testing requirements and goals.

Our documentation and uniformity tools, processes, and procedures ensure the reliability of testing results by monitoring, logging, and documenting testing activities. We enforce uniformity in testing to ensure accurate and consistent results. Our monitoring, recording, and documenting tools, event loggers, media cloning, and copying tools provide comprehensive support for your testing needs.

Our cybersecurity training and education lab provides a dedicated training environment to help your organization quickly develop the needed cyber skills for your employees. Our team has harnessed decades of experience with training methodologies and global training facilities to develop this environment. Our lab uses innovative tools to shorten the training cycle while strengthening the level of acquired skills.

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