ERP SAP & Oracle Security

Protect Your Business-Critical Data with Our Expert ERP Security Services for SAP & Oracle

Uncover Critical Weaknesses

Our thorough penetration tests reveal vulnerabilities that attackers leverage to breach your system, ensuring your ERP stays protected

Cost savings

Prevent critical cyber attacks and save millions of dollars with Seecra's advanced vulnerability assessment techniques and expert methodologies.

Comprehensive approach

Seecra's 360-degree approach covers all ERP security areas, including Vulnerability Management, Source Code Review, Audit, and Segregation of Duties.


Our research team leads in the number of vulnerabilities discovered in SAP and Oracle products and has contributed greatly to improving the security levels of ERP systems.

Why us?

Choose Seecra for Unmatched SAP Security Expertise. Our Comprehensive Approach and Thorough Penetration Testing Services Prevent Cyber Attacks and Save You Millions. Trust Us for Total Peace of Mind.

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Year SAP security experience
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Over 200+ 0 days vulnerabilities found
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Over 30+ security audits per year

Safeguard your assets from costly security breaches

With Seecra, you can access expert methodologies and advanced techniques to protect your business-critical data.

Our experienced team will work with you to develop tailored solutions that fit your unique needs and give you total peace of mind.

Prevent Cyber Attacks

Our SAP and Oracle security services help prevent cyber attacks by identifying critical vulnerabilities in your systems, reducing the attack surface, and implementing advanced protection techniques.


With a comprehensive approach that includes system, application, and code-level visibility, we help you protect your most important applications and data against internal and external threats.

Mitigate Risk and Stay Compliant

Our expertise and guidance can help you mitigate risk to your business-critical systems and ensure compliance with industry regulations, reducing the likelihood of costly breaches and penalties.


Service Overview

Don’t wait for a cyber attack to happen.

Our customized security testing for your business-critical applications gives you the visibility, context, and quick response needed to identify and resolve issues before they cause problems.

As a result of our ERP pen-testing services, you can expect to have a comprehensive understanding of the most critical vulnerabilities in your system, including those that attackers could exploit to gain unauthorized access. We will also provide you with insights into all system vulnerabilities and gain access to connected systems via trusted connections, decrypt user passwords to test system security, and post-exploit to gather information and break connected systems. Ultimately, our services will help you gain visibility and control over your business-critical applications, ensuring that your essential systems are protected against cyber threats.

Upon completion of the pen-testing of your ERP system, a detailed report will be issued containing a list of vulnerabilities and misconfigurations found, real attack vectors describing how your systems can be exploited, business risks related to the exploitation of those vulnerabilities, detailed recommendations for vulnerability patching, and security guidelines for general system configuration. This report will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the security of your SAP system and guide you in mitigating potential risks and vulnerabilities.

Talk to an Expert

Connect with a Seecra expert to learn more about securing your business-critical applications, like SAP and Oracle.

Our team of experts has the experience and skills necessary to help you understand the threats and risks to your business-critical systems.

Talk to us today to learn how we can help you reduce your attack surface, gain visibility into your systems, and mitigate potential damage from cyber attacks. Let Seecra help safeguard your ERP systems and protect your business operations.