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Stay ahead of evolving cyber threats and reduce the impact of attacks with CyberForce – the ultimate platform for proactive cyber defense.

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Equip your employees with the knowledge and tools to make safe, informed choices that protect your business.

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Leading enterprises trust our security awareness training. Measure the effectiveness of your training, develop a long-term plan, and Comply with state and local laws

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Protect your business with our human-centric cybersecurity awareness program tailored to your unique needs. Reduce the risk of malware infections and data breaches, and boost productivity with a workforce empowered to make secure decisions​

Why us?

At Seecra, we understand that your employees are the first line of defense against cyber threats. That’s why we offer a unique, customized approach to cybersecurity training that empowers your employees to make secure decisions and change their behavior to protect your organization better.

Our program is tailored to your specific security policy and enterprise size, covering all your employees.

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Our Objectives

Our cybersecurity awareness training program is designed to help your organization achieve the following objectives:

Measure Effectiveness

We provide tools to measure the effectiveness of awareness training and phishing campaign responses, helping you to identify areas for improvement.

Continuous Management

Our coordinated, long-term training plan is continuously managed across its lifecycle, ensuring that your organization remains protected against evolving threats.

Compliance and Auditing

We help you comply with state and local information security laws and policies as they develop and prepare for audits from shareholders and authorities.


Program Overview

Seecra uses top-quality resources (with local and international experience) to produce a complete (technical and non-technical) Cybersecurity Awareness program to address customers’ requirements. A major outcome of the program should be that “thinking security” is a natural reflex for all employees. Our program is divided into four phases, as below

Assessments and analysis of the current state of Information Security Awareness and identify the related policy and procedures needs.

Developing customized content material for customer Cybersecurity Awareness Program. Our team will develop Cybersecurity awareness PowerPoint material to be used in iLT (Instructor Led Training). Our Graphic Design team will develop and customize all artwork supporting material in a way that fits the overall culture of customer organization and to have the most impact on personnel.

Delivery of Cybersecurity Awareness Program content in-person or online as per the customer need.

Upon completing the training, all attendees will be invited to complete an online survey and training feedback hosted over (Seecra RegCloud or customer LMS) to issue a soft copy of their certificate of attendance. The evaluation method recommended for this program is the industry-standard Kirkpatrick method. This measures the effect of awareness and training programs throughout the organization (rather than only at the participant level).

Seecra uses eight security awareness KPIs to track program impact:

  1. Policy acknowledgment
  2. Phishing and other social engineering activities rate
  3. Attack detection
  4. Self-reported incidents
  5. Number of security breaches
  6. Audit hits
  7. Information Security Awareness program participation rates
  8. Security health


These KPIs will be used as per the Kirkpatrick levels:

  • Level 1 – Reaction
  • Level 2 – Learning
  • Level 3 – Behavior
  • Level 4 – Results

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