ATM and POS Security

Protect Your Payment Systems with Our Security Assessment Service

Maximum protection for all your ATM and POS device.

Find and Fix Vulnerabilities Before Hackers Do!

Vulnerability Assessment.

Configuration Flaw and Vulnerability Detection in obsolete software versions

In-Depth Security Research

We will analyze the logic behind the processes performed by your ATMs and POS devices and conduct security research to identify any new vulnerabilities at the component level.

Real-World Attack Simulation

Our team of experts will conduct a realistic, hands-on adversary's attack behavior to assess the effectiveness of your defenses

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Seecra empowers digital transformation with innovative approaches and unparalleled cybersecurity expertise, setting a new benchmark for world-class solutions.

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Safeguard your assets from costly security breaches

With over a decade of experience, we develop customized vulnerability assessment tests to detect any glitches in your security system.

Our tests focus on your software, hardware, and communication protocols to ensure your bank is fully protected.

We even offer unique custom tools designed specifically for your environment.


Discover the vulnerabilities in your security defenses that malicious attackers could exploit to gain unauthorized access to your infrastructure.


Our experts will help you identify and address any weak spots in your security posture, so you can protect your business against potential cyber threats.


Our Experts will provide you with a detailed report on all identified security flaws and recommendations to mitigate risks and strengthen your security measures.


Service Overview

Our comprehensive security assessment will help you identify a wide range of exploitable security flaws in your systems that can put your business at risk.

At Seecra, we take pride in our meticulous security audit process. Our team of experts will thoroughly analyze your system to identify any critical vulnerabilities that require immediate attention.

To ensure we leave no stone unturned, we follow a strict step-by-step approach that includes:

  • Searching for software vulnerabilities and ATM-specific network services that hackers could exploit to gain unauthorized access to your ATM's operating system while in kiosk mode.
  • Identifying security software weaknesses that could allow attackers to bypass your existing security controls.
  • Check for BIOS security weaknesses that could expose your system to malicious attacks.
  • Examining the security of your ATM's component devices, such as the PIN pad, dispenser unit, card reader, etc. We pay special attention to any vulnerabilities in communications via XFS that can allow attackers unauthorized access to these devices.
  • Scanning for network communication vulnerabilities, specifically lack of encryption in communication between the ATM and the processing center. We are aware that attackers can create a fake processing center and use it to withdraw cash or intercept track-two data, so we take extra care to ensure this area is secure.
  • And finally, we conduct a thorough check for any potential payment card data leakage, strictly adhering to internationally recognized information security standards and regulations such as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and PIN Transaction Standards (PCI PTS) ATM Security Guidelines, Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM), and Web Application Security Consortium (WASC) Threat Classification.

At Seecra, we are dedicated to providing you with comprehensive security assessments covering every possible vulnerability area. With our thorough approach, you can rest assured that we will uncover any critical issues that require immediate attention and help you to address them before they become major problems.

SEECRA, a trusted partner of major international banks, offers comprehensive ATM security assessments using in-depth analysis methods that leave no stone unturned.


Here's how our process works:


  • We comprehensively test main system components, ensuring every potential vulnerability is uncovered.
  • Our experts check the general system information to identify any inconsistencies or potential threats.
  • We validate data transfer protocols to ensure secure communication between the ATM and processing center.
  • We review hardware and software versions and configurations, identifying any potential security weaknesses.
  • Lastly, we inspect network communications to ensure that all data transfers are encrypted and secure.


Based on the information our experts gathered during the discovery phase, we perform security assessments that include identifying vulnerabilities in communications between the ATM and processing center, finding zero-day vulnerabilities in both software and hardware, and deploying custom exploitation tools to verify these vulnerabilities and demonstrating the potential impact on your business operations, customer accounts, and customer data.

To properly test your ATM security, we need access to the following:

  • An ATM cabinet in your test environment that is connected to your processing center
  • The ATM’s system unit and sample credentials for all ATM user roles
  • Access to virtual machines, ISO images of the OS, and/or copies of the software installed on all ATMs.

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