Awareness Platform

Reduce Your Hackability by 30% in Just Three Months.
Simplify vulnerability remediation, empower management, and save time and money.

Get Cyber-fit

Boost your hacking resilience with our actionable remediation guides that help your IT team optimize your IT-system against hackers, easily and quickly, even without security expertise.

Save Time and Money

Proactively monitor and assess risks across your digital footprint, ensuring business continuity and security.

Simplify Your Security

Streamline your vulnerability management and reduce the complexity of your security operations.

Protect Your Business Today

With easy-to-follow remediation guides and Hackability Score, you can optimize vulnerability management and reduce hackability.

Reduce Hackability

Easily optimize your IT-System against hackers and reduce your cyber risk by up to 30% within three months

Prioritization Engine

Our prioritization engine saves you up to 90% of time on remediation management by consolidating and clustering vulnerabilities from multiple sources into actionable remediation guides.

Customizable Workouts

The Cyber Fitness Workouts are tailored to your IT system, ensuring that you are only focusing on what's relevant to you. Easily customize the workouts to fit your specific needs.

Measurable Results

A clear, easy-to-understand KPI for informed decision-making and improved security. See measurable results within weeks.

Simplify Your Cybersecurity

Hackability Score

Our actionable hacking risk metric gives you a measurable overview of your security posture, allowing you to easily track progress, benchmark, and report to stakeholders.

Personal Support

Get support from our security engineers every step of the way, including implementation and remediation.

Boost Your Cyber Resilience

Identifies and prioritizes security risks, take action against cyber threats, and provides clear measures to track your progress and improve your overall security posture.


Proactive Vulnerability Management

Unique cybersecurity platform offers actionable remediation guides, a prioritization engine, and Hackability Score to proactively manage vulnerabilities, reduce hackability, and optimize your IT system.

Ongoing Support

We don't just provide cybersecurity solutions; we provide ongoing support to ensure that your business remains protected. Reach out to our experts for help at any time.


Over two decades of experience and a proven track record of success with companies of all sizes across various industries and in over 20 countries.


Consolidate and prioritize vulnerabilities with our engine, saving up to 90% of your time on remediation management.


Experience measurably lower hacking risk with Cyber Fitness Workouts, using the Hackability Score for tracking progress, and efficiently remediating vulnerabilities by clustering common root causes

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