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Is Your Mobile Device Compromised? Uncover the Truth Today.

Let Us Help You Stop Cyber Espionage Threats

Protect Your VIPs

Secure your VIPs mobile devices from cyber espionage with a unique solution that easily safeguards sensitive information.

Identify Attacks in minutes

Identify targeted APTs, exploits, and malicious payloads within minutes of analysis; detect cyber espionage campaigns


Perform pre- and post-travel checks for officials and VIPs mobile devices with access to sensitive information

Full-scale protection from cyber threats!

Gain unparalleled insight into your mobile device security with an exclusive tool offering advanced capabilities to extract, deliver, and analyze device logs for any signs of compromise or malicious activity.

How we protect you

Identifies state-sponsored attacks and ATPs in minutes, neutralizes any potential threats, and reduces your exposure windows.

Risk Assessment

Get a comprehensive device attack analysis in minutes. Identify when and how the attack occurred and its impact.

Incident Response

Detect suspicious activities and zero-day vulnerabilities with a powerful AI-driven Threat Intelligence engine.

Deploy anywhere

Secure your entire organization with a scalable solution, whether you're using air-gapped networks, on-premises systems, or the cloud.

Advanced attacks are finally visible!

Maximum protection for all your mobile devices.

Protect Privacy

Protect sensitive personal data by analyzing only necessary information for security threats.

Investigate Faster

Transform your threat investigation process from weeks to minutes with automated threat intelligence discovery.

See Deeper

Gain unprecedented visibility into sophisticated 0-day attacks with deep-level device access.

Unleash the Power of Mobile Threat Hunting

Act Now Before It’s Too Late!

Discover Who’s Behind the Attacks, When They Happened, and What the Attackers Extracted from Your Mobile. Empower Your CERT and SOC Teams with Next-Gen Capabilities for Advanced Threat Hunting.

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