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10 billion

Installations and Counting.


Trusted by more than 200 customers in over 70 countries.


Fortune 500 rely on us to protect their apps.

Certified Protection for Your Mobile Apps

The first software protection tool to be certified by EMVCo for Android and iOS. This certification ensures that the solution meets the highest security standards in the industry, giving you peace of mind that your mobile app is fully protected.

How we protect you

Comprehensive Protection for Your Mobile Apps

Advanced security features, including code obfuscation, string encryption, control flow, anti-debugging, root detection, tamper detection, and more provide comprehensive protection for your mobile applications.

Effortless Integration

Our solution offers instant, one-click integration into your CI/CD with no coding required. Save time and resources without compromising on security.

Complete Protection

Protect your data and customers with a secure layer between your app and the operating system, defending against both static and dynamic attacks.

Unmatched Performance

The unique native engine secures your app without slowing it down, giving you fast and efficient performance.

Don't Let Your Mobile Apps Be Vulnerable to Attacks

Keep Your App's Content Safe

Our cryptographic algorithms are uncrackable, providing complete peace of mind that your content is secure.

Protect Your App From Within

Our internal mechanisms use dynamically-calculated, context-sensitive keys (known as the Crypto Chain of Trust) to self-check and protect your app from reverse engineering and tampering.

Communication Hardening

Protect your app's communication channels against man-in-the-middle attacks with public key pinning implementation. Ensure your users' data is always secure.


Secure Your Mobile App, Protect Your Customers

Protect your mobile apps with uncrackable encryption and self-defending mechanisms. Stay secure with checks for tampering, untrusted environments, and man-in-the-middle attacks.

Unmatched Protection

A unique RASP engine secures your apps and libraries at a system level, providing unparalleled protection against sophisticated attacks.

Multi-Layered Defense

With a multi-layered approach, your code and assets are shielded from real-time attacks, giving you peace of mind that your apps are secure.

Trusted by Global Leaders

Protect your apps and SDKs with a global leader in mobile app and SDK defense. Over 10 billion installations and counting.

Constantly Evolving

Our solution is regularly evaluated to ensure it can stand up to the latest threats. Rest assured that your apps are protected by cutting-edge security technology.

Beyond the Surface

Other app protection products only scratch the surface of your app's security needs. We dive deep into your app's core to protect it against even the most hidden threats.

Dynamic Defense

The dynamic approach to app protection ensures that your app is always guarded against new and evolving threats. Its native engine adapts to the changing security landscape, providing a comprehensive defense for your valuable code and assets.

Get started today and shield your code from even the most sophisticated attacks.

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