Real time Facial Recognition
using your existing cameras

Persons of Interest Monitoring

Get alerted when they enter your premises.

Video Analytics

Respond to threats while protecting bystander privacy.

Access Control

Allow access to the right people, right place, right time.

Technology that fits your safety and security needs.

Powerful deep learning-driven AI
Proven in-the-wild, many-to-many face recognition
Performance-focused integrations

Diverse Use Cases

Ensure the safety of your valued customers, employees, and visitors.


Customers, including many Fortune 500


Experts across four major geographies


VMS agnostic plus integration with Honeywell, Milestone and Genetec.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Real-Time Watchlist Alerting

Detect individuals of concern instantly through real-time facial recognition, empowering your security personnel to promptly address potential risks, all while safeguarding the privacy of onlookers.

Touchless Access Control

A seamless access control solution harnessing the potential of facial recognition to unlock secure access points for authorized individuals and safeguard sensitive areas, such as server rooms.

Superior Accuracy

Unparalleled performance in challenging real-world conditions, including crowded environments, low lighting, obscured faces, and difficult angles.

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Empower your security systems!

Convert passive cameras into proactive surveillance, identifying threats, authorized personnel, and potential risks in real-time. Safeguard witness identities with ethical machine learning and advanced privacy controls.

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