SAP Vulnerability Scanner

Protect your SAP infrastructure, reduces downtime, and saves you money.

Scan & Assess

Efficiently identify vulnerabilities in your SAP systems with cutting-edge scanning technology, safeguarding your infrastructure.

Manage Risks

Take control of discovered vulnerabilities with our management tools, prioritizing threats and optimizing remediation efforts.

Continuous Protection

Schedule regular scans and stay updated on your SAP systems’ security posture, ensuring a secure and reliable environment.

Streamlined SAP Vulnerability Management!

Easily track and analyze vulnerabilities, ensuring swift response and maintaining business continuity.
Stay ahead of potential threats and keep your SAP systems secure.

Maximize Business Continuity

Ensure smooth operations and minimize downtime with our comprehensive security platform.
Stay proactive in addressing vulnerabilities and safeguarding your SAP systems, reducing costs and boosting efficiency.

Threat Modeling

Visualize and understand internal connections within your SAP systems, allowing you to detect potential risks and take preventative measures

Profile Analysis

Monitor and assess over 60 critical profile parameters, ensuring your system configurations are secure and in line with best practices.

Outdated Components

Detect and replace outdated SAP ABAP modules to prevent security breaches, enhancing your system's protection and stability.

Maximize Efficiency, Ensure Protection

Comprehensive Security Checks

With over 2,000 security checks and continuous 0 days discovered by our R&D center, SAPARMOR provides a thorough protection for your SAP environment.

Agent-less Solution

Our agent-less approach minimizes the impact on your SAP systems, ensuring seamless integration and smooth operation.

Time and Resource Savings

Save up to 80% time and resources (compared with other solutions), enabling your organization to focus on its core business functions.


Experience Unmatched SAP Security

Proactively Manage Vulnerabilities and Risks. Our Powerful Modules, including Vulnerability Assessment, Threat Modelling, and Outdated Components Detection, Help You Keep Your SAP Systems Secure and Protected
Comprehensive Modules

The Platform features a user-friendly Dashboard, Port and Service Scan, Vulnerability Assessment, Vulnerability Management, Threat Modelling, Profile Parameters, and Outdated Components.

Detailed Vulnerability Information

Access detailed information about discovered vulnerabilities, including descriptions, impact, possible remediation steps, affected systems, CVSS scores, and related references.

Schedule & compare Vulnerability Scans

Streamline SAP System Security with Automated Vulnerability Scans and Comparison Tools.
Effortlessly schedule scans and track remediation progress with SAPARMOR's powerful comparison feature.

Outdated Components Detection

Identify and parse old SAP ABAP modules that may contain critical vulnerabilities with the Outdated Components module, allowing you to take appropriate action to update or replace them.

SAP Security for All Services

Supports 30+ SAP services, any database, and SAP Business Object versions 4.1 to 4.3. It also covers SAP NW AS JAVA and ABAP, with over 100 missing configuration checks.

Vulnerability management

Quickly identify, prioritize, and take action on any discovered vulnerabilities, including accepting risk, changing severity, and marking as false positives.

Protect your SAP systems today.

Contact us for a personalized demo or to learn more about how our comprehensive security solution can enhance your organization’s security posture and prevent cyber attacks.

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